Demo Reel 2013
Cell division (mitosis)
Septin9 DNA in the blood
Demo Reel 2010
The Making of Phacoemulsification
Seeing Sound
Carotid Endarterectomy
Facial Muscle Attachments

Demo reel 2013!

This is some cool animation I've worked on over the past few years.

I've worked at for most of my professional life, so they own most of my animations. (Don't steal anything!)


Shot breakdowns available on this page.

Password "cells"

©theVisualMD. Cell Division (Mitosis), November 2011.

Modeling, animating/rigging, look & feel, lighting, effects. (3ds Max + Fusion)

You can how it was used at 0:33 here.

Password "cells"

©theVisualMD. Septin9 DNA in the blood, January 2013.

I generally animated, set up the particles (blood and background), rigged the DNA, set up the look and feel (lights, shaders, renders), and composited the scene in 3ds Max and Fusion. I modeled the vessel and the erythrocytes (3ds Max + Fusion).

DNA was constructed/extrapolated from a short DNA fragment in the PDB.

Password "cells"

©theVisualMD. Pollen, October 2012.

I segmented the pollen grains, identified them as well as I could, animated and rendered from 3ds Max, and composited in Fusion. (This was for a story about allergies.)

Password "cells"

©theVisualMD. BDNF binding to TRKB receptors before and after exercise, February 2012.

Animation/rigging, rendering, and compositing. I modeled the TRKB receptor based on fragments around the web, and constructed a homodimer of BDNF from a heterodimer available in the PDB.

My old 2010 demo reel. I really do like the music.

Click here for shot breakdowns; 2010

Phacoemulsification: an animation on cataract surgery

Responsible for scripting, eyeball modeling and texturing, most procedural animation, and project organization

Part of a group project; see credits for details; 2010

The Making of Phacoemulsification: a backstory on the process behind Phacoemulsification

Compiled in After Effects; 2010

Seeing Sound: an animation on the process of hearing

Created using ZBrush, 3ds Max, After Effects, & Premiere; 2009

Animatic (rough animation) for patient education, giving an overview of a carotid endarterectomy

Created using 3ds Max & Premiere; 2009

Click the image to launch the interactive in a new window!

Interactive module to help teach attachments of facial muscles to the skull

Built in Flash; 2009